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The international symposium "Enforcing Patents Smoothly - From Automatic Injunctions to Proportionate Remedies" will focus on what remedies are available to courts in patent cases other than merely granting “automatic” injunctions. In particular, the symposium

During winter term 2018/19, Prof. Dr. Franz Hofmann, LL.M. and his colleague Prof. Dr. Michael Grünberger (Universität Bayreuth) will run again a lecture series focussing on problems in the field of modern Technology Law. The objective is to identify research issues of Technology Law in the 21st cen...

The Institute for Law and Technology got a new logo. A cogwheel represents traditional industries and consists of a binary code that stands for modern technology. It is held in green, the colour of Intellectual Property Law. The law is symbolized by a paragraph marker that side-lines digital change ...

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