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During summer term 2022, Prof. Dr. Franz Hofmann and his colleagues Prof. Dr. Ruth Janal and Prof. Dr. Michael Grünberger (Universität Bayreuth) will run again a lecture series focussing on problems in the field of modern Technology Law. The objective is to identify research issues of Technology Law...

The lecture particularly aims to address students with a technical background (e.g. engineering) all around Europe interested in Intellectual Property and management. The lecture not only provides an overview of the most important intellectual property rights from an international point of view, but also looks at the topic through the lens of strategic management. The approach of the lecture is interdisciplinary. The focus lies on practical impacts of IP rights and respective challenges from a business perspective. The lecture is open to all students within the EELISA alliance.

The book "Law of Remedies. A European Perspective" (edited by Hofmann and Kurz) was published in September 2019. With the increasing importance of the concept of remedies in European private law, this book focuses on remedies as a distinctive and novel field of European legal research. It considers